About me!!!

I'm Cesar, or Kae and other names for some people.

My pronouns are He/They/It + neopronouns.

I'm a transmasculine nonbinary, gay and in the aroace spectrum.

My birthday is in the 8th of June

I'm an atheistic sanatist

I'm autistic, adhd, squizophrenic and a pyromaniac (not proud of it, trying to do better).

I'm over 18

I'm native from Brazil, my ethnicity is mixed (indigenous + italian + arabic)

I'm fluent in English and my native language is Portuguese, but also I'm trying to learn Russian and Chinese.

Getting a degree in portuguese-english linguistics, and like to study anthropology and psychology religiously.

I work as a Portuguese language teacher for primary and secondary education.

I like drawing too.

My fandoms: (what I'm into mostly)

Jojo's bizarre adventure 

The Arcana


Cherry Crush

Faith: The unholy trinity


Avatar: The last airbender



What I study: (stuff from uni and just things I'm disgustingly educated in)

English and Portuguese Linguistics


Child and Juvenile Psychology

Psychological education


Anthropology and History


Queer and POC history


PS: do not come at me to "debate" about what I know. I only engage in normal conversations about said topics, not argue to see "who know more" or "who's right". Not that I don't know how to debate, I just don't wanna :(