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"Get a life" get some love from yout parents

Do not interact (under no circumstances):

- Basic criteria (transphobic, racist, etc.)

- Pro/Comshippers

- Lunatic christians

- far right or those "neutral" people

- Radinclus

- Endo "systems"

- Transmeds/Battleaxe Bi/BioLesbians & etc.

- The british /j

Thin Ice (I'll try to tolerate):

- Vivziepop appologists (fans of the show are ok unless they try to defend her)

- Alfred's Playhouse fandom

- Any fandom from a suspicious and sketchy creator (not confirmed problematic or unsure)

- Chronically online people (in a degenerate way)

Ok to interact/PLEASE interact:

- "Cringe" people (furries, therians, agere, etc.)

- Queer people/MOGAI

- People in the same fandoms as me.

- Anyone who's not in the DNI or Thin Ice.

"I'm [thing not mentioned] can I interact?" idk just don't be an ass